7:30am - 5pm

Body Composition Scan

Body Composition AssessmentThe BodyLogic ™ Body Composition scan is performed on our Horizon DXA system.  Results from this quick scan are available immediately and use color mapping to identify fat, lean muscle mass and bone.  Reports provide detailed information on an individual’s body fat percentage, lean muscle percentage, and visceral fat with a comparison against the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey database of age, gender and race matched peers which quickly assesses and explains the state of a person’s health. 

Weight loss progress can be monitored through regularly scheduled scans and will reveal if weight loss is from stored fat or muscle.  The Rate-of-Change report visually displays and assesses changes in the body over time whereas adjustments in treatment programs may be made.  Advanced Body Composition ® Assessment serves as an additional tool to monitor weight loss and weight management programs to lose body fat, not muscle mass, for a more successful and healthier long-term weight loss. 

Additionally, fitness enthusiasts now have a tool to accurately measure real results from their fitness regimen.  An imaging order is required for the scan, although it is not covered by insurance.  The out-of-pocket cost for the scan is only $75.00.

You will need to remove all jewelry.  You will need to remove your clothing and wear a surgical gown which will be provided for you.

You will be positioned on a cushioned table and will need to lie still for approximately 10 minutes during the scan.  Before departing you will be provided with a copy of your scan results.